Inspection Reports

How does our service differ from Other agencies or services that are very similar in nature?

There is quite a bit of difference. Along with our quality, professional inspections, we feel our detailed inspection reports set us apart. These reports are provided on each piece of equipment that we inspect. We are one of just a few agencies that provide their customers with such detailed paperwork. Unlike the simple, one-page handwritten checklist that you may have received from other companies, every crane that we inspect has its own folder containing a detailed inspection report with applicable regulations referenced that are OSHA compliant.

Experience has taught me that the customer needs more than a simple, handwritten sheet stating that something needs to be corrected. The customer needs to know specifically which regulation is being quoted.

United Arab Inspection Services. has been very fortunate to serve some large clients in Egypt. The detailed inspection reports have helped middle-management justify the allocation of necessary funds needed to make repairs.

This detailed documentation has been a terrific selling point to most companies across the country. We are probably the only company that has all of the current regulations on computer that are applicable to cranes in the general industry, construction, maritime, and long shoring areas. If your company is sincere in its efforts to encourage safety, this will be a great benefit to you.

Another important benefit of using United Arab Inspection Services. is the promptness with which you will receive the completed folders. In most cases, the customer is given the documentation at the completion of the job. We literally complete our paperwork at your job site so that you can see where your money is being spent. In some cases, more time may be necessary to complete the paperwork, but never more than 5 days from the completion date of the job.